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  • November 2016, New York, a sleepless city, always brightly lit, or written by the stars sing songs. This is an international metropolis, people are familiar with Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty and other iconic well-known things are gathered here, numerous exciting dizzying, and the new Hublot Aerofusion Cement Jungle watch, is to this bustling Urban tribute to the outstanding works. It is not difficult to understand, to the concrete material as the highlight of this watch, set off with such a steel cement city, with its design inspiration and to pay tribute, really very relevant. Our best replica Hublot Classic Fusion series, also introduced a 1:1 Swiss high-end movement Replica Hublot Aerofusion Cement Jungle Watches.

    Whether in process technology or in the design, we have on the Hublot ideas like novelty ideas surprised. Speaking of the strength of innovative technology to show that incredible or unique material use, we produced the Replica Hublot Classic Fusion Series Berluti watch, like a lot of fans, in November 2016 Hublot once again big brain Hole, will be a rough shape but the quality of solid material into the watch manufacturing world, it is: concrete! And then to tell you that this is closely follow the hublot brand Replica Hublot Aerofusion Cement Jungle Watches.

    Replica Hublot Aerofusion Cement Jungle Watches

    Tristan Eaton is a street artist who is known for his bold, avant-garde design and his colorful, iconic stitching skills throughout New York City. He created a lot of works of art, it can be said that everything around him can be transformed into his creative material, whether physical toys, beautiful posters, or abstract pastoral mood, are included, some of his works even The legendary MOMA is on display. Now, Hublot with the outstanding artists together to design and build this new classic fusion series Aerofusion cement jungle hollow chronograph.

    Tristan Eaton and his Hublot Aerofusion Cement Jungle Watches

    The combination of street art and the image of New York City sounds easy, but it is difficult, or even absurd, to do it. But Hublot is indeed smart enough, this cement jungle hollow chronograph watch, the concrete to create the bezel and Tristan Eaton on the back of the watch on the Statue of Liberty, the two elements cleverly blended together, not only points out the wrist The subject of the table, but also by the back of the Statue of Liberty clarified the design of the subject.

    Replica Hublot Aerofusion Cement Jungle back

    This Replica Hublot Aerofusion Cement Jungle Watch bezel uses a concrete and epoxy resin to complete, the purpose is to make the finished product will not be affected by weather changes. The color on the back of the watch depicts the guardian of the Hudson Estuary - the Statue of Liberty (head). Black ceramic case size size of 45mm, the internal carrying the Swiss high-end movement, hollow-style design allows the wearer through the sapphire crystal mirror to watch the internal structure of its dense.

    Hublot Aerofusion Cement Jungle Replica Watches

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    We produce Replica Hublot Aerofusion Cement Jungle Watches, both black and gray colors, are very classic style is easy to match

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