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  • In 2006, HUBLOT released Big Bang series of all black watch, "all black" philosophy and pioneer philosophy "came into being." Invisible "of the black appearance, clearly showing the" visible "timepieces structure and exquisite movement , This mutual dialectical philosophical relations and design philosophy has become the essence of the philosophy of the brand exposition.2016 October is hublot launched the black watch the 10th anniversary of this memorable day in our hublot replica watches, The same will create several very classic all the same time we look at the classic 10 years of hublot all black watch.

    After ten years of evolution, Hublot "all black" concept has been continuing the "first, unique, different" spirit. From the initial matte texture, to the integration of high-tech movement and the bold use of high-tech materials, hublot all black watch design continues to usher in breakthroughs and surprises at the same time still maintain the "invisible visible" deep Zen.

    Hublot Chairman of the Board Jean-Claude Biver

    In 2006, Hublot the world's first all-black watch, and named "ALL BLACK (all black)", Hublot this unexpected creative black case and black dial and black pointer combination, whole black Appearance but did not affect the wearer to read the time accurately. Black absorbs all of the visible radiation and does not reflect any light. It raises a duality: both visibility and invisibility, that is, visible and invisible at the same time coexist."Originally, hublot making all black watch creative inspiration from the Monaco jewelry artist Carlo Cerlatti, he led me to come up with the idea of making all black watch extraordinary ideas. A case of black ceramic case of the Big Bang watch.He inspired me, including the production of a pointer and time scale, including all black watches, design a perfect match with the evening Of the watch, for example, with a tuxedo! So with the first hublot all black watch. 10 years, we also introduced a series of replica hublot all black watches.

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    In the next decade, hublot in the "all black" on the concept of "become the first, unique, unique" spirit of the brand continue to break through the self, keen on innovation, and constantly explore new territory, expand the limits and challenges impossible! Variety of watches from the case to the dial showing a totally natural matte texture, multi-level and different materials combine the black design are extremely accurate expression of the technical functions, perfect to! We produce hublot replica all black watch is not satisfied with the simple use of black PVD layer cover steel case, this coating can not fully guarantee its durability. All black watch case with scratch-resistant black ceramic manufacturing, which means that all raw materials, black, without the need for surface color processing. At the same time, the dial appears matte black, while the pointer is polished and reflect the light, so this extraordinary watch the wearer 2018 Hublot BIG BANG Russia World Cup Referee Watch, in fact, can clearly see the pointer and read the time.

    top 10 replica hublot all black watches

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