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  • The most comprehensive Hublot Big Bang Series History And Rankings introduction, launched each year hublot big bang replica watch the biggest features, please fall in love with our fake hublot watches.

    Today, the watch is not only measuring the time of the apparatus, and become a manifestation of the personality of the items. Therefore, wearing a top watch, the more important function is to tell the world "Who am I", through a top hublot big bang replica watch, reflecting the personality, taste and attitude to life, personality, Mentality of the successful people and prepare. BigBang is not only the big bang of the universe, but also the success of every person who went to the peak experienced the big bang of life. Only the most abundant life can carry the meaning of time. Fake BigBang Unico Watch, with its brilliant design, excellent movement, unique content, remodeling history, to keep the future!

    "BigBang" will soon be reminiscent of the era of grandparents living and the Big Bang, it is because of the big bang and the integration of various elements, to produce the universe and the planet we live in - the Earth. Whether life or time Replica Hublot BigBang series is also a synonym for self-regeneration, creation and revival: revolutionary design, revolutionary material fusion and hublot The new brand philosophy, with the April 2005 birth of BigBang ushered in a great turning point. Yu-ship table contains the traditional Swiss watch and contemporary passion out of the burst into a new starting point.

    Since 1980, the date of the establishment of Yu-ship, Yu-wrist watch the details of the design to continue to evolve, only watch the appearance of the first watch to adhere to the interpretation of hublot words - portholes. The birth of hublot big bang replica inspiration is derived from Yu-ship table in 1980, the initial design: Round case shape, re-use of screws, strap is still made of natural rubber. Yu-ship revolutionary change at the same time, but also maintained a continuity. As the nature of any moment with the evolution of all things, Yu-ship table has always insisted on innovative ideas, but also committed to linking the past and the future: R & D ultra-light material to create new colors ... Yu-ship table of the future limitless. In this case, BigBang series is the perfect interpretation of the concept of integration of space ship table, large dial with angular bezel and clear angular case, this ratio than with the use of the shape of the United States exactly the basis.

    hublot big bang replica Design drawings

    Watch should have a mechanical beauty and dynamic beauty, and a balance between the two. In the contour lines reflect the characteristics and personality of the watch at the same time, the use of color and material is also essential. Therefore, hublot big bang replica series designed to take into account the combination of porthole modeling and integration of philosophy: a straight line reflects the modern style, color reflects the philosophical tendencies Yu-ship table, the material is to show the technical level. Watch the various parts of a deep line structure, the use of ceramics, rose gold, natural rubber and other materials at the same time, pay attention to the material itself according to the different colors and in the same material on the use of different processes have reached a richer level of visual effects . This line with the material integration of the visual image of the coordination makes BigBang design makes memorable.

    The first surprise is the outstanding appearance of BigBang. Close view of its structure, can not help but appreciate the details of its perfect, after repeated review of the design components and the perfect integration of the whole, giving the visual impact of the feast for the eyes. The number of screws reduced to 6, more eye-catching, impressive while showing the personality of the bezel - screw is no longer as a point in time or decorative tools, but to assume the stability and throughout the sandwich structure of the body The essential. Dial design is extremely simple, with large timepieces, digital mixed time scale and scale. Modern full visual effect highlights the distinctive temperament, it is unforgettable.

    Fake hublot big bang watches parallel fusion of different materials. For example, rose gold / gold case, ceramic bezel, titanium button. In fact, since the birth of Yu-ship table has been through the beginning with the gold (taken from the earth) and natural rubber rubber (taken from tropical trees) to explore the integration of mineral elements and plant elements to construct their own unique tabulation philosophy . The fusion of art and not just in the above two areas, the sky and the earth, the universe and the earth, the past and the future, tradition and innovation also occur all the time fusion. Therefore, the BigBang series makes a variety of material collision, the use of radical brand design to the integration of the most vividly demonstrated art. Finally, a natural rubber strap with a variety of lines, such as ribs and smoothness, allows the wrist to enjoy a unique fit and comfort 2018 Hublot BIG BANG Russia World Cup Referee Watch.

    hublot big bang replica

    2005In this case, Hublot BigBang series was born

    hublot big bang Design drawings

    2006 hublot BigBang replica all black production
    Hublot continue to design innovation, BigBang series continue to join new members, "all black" concept is to design the limit forward again, making it more pure and simple. Since 2006, completely using the solid color of "all black" concept has become the most obvious example of this step. All black concept contains "invisible visible" Zen, invisible difficult to distinguish, but striking. BigBang all black watch from the case to the dial completely natural matte texture and multi-level integration of different materials are very accurate black embodies the technical features, perfect to!

    hublot BigBang replica all black

    2007 replica hublot king of the BigBang
    Hublot BigBang King with large size, although it is large, but still maintain the original ratio, single rotating bezel with digital sculpture, sporty appearance with precious materials, precious stones, this fusion design to meet social and diving needs.

    replica hublot king of the BigBang

    2008 Replica Hublot BigBang fruit series shine
    Hublot "fruit" series of bold bold use of bright and shiny bright colors, streamer splendor, people feel unspeakable pleasure. These inlaid with sapphires, amethyst, topaz, garnet, stone and diamonds BigBang watch with rose gold or black ceramic case, a variety of colors on the side of the inserts and gemstones and strap color echoes, Shining women's gentle. For those wrist slender lady, not set the timer BigBang 38mm watch dial wash lead, but the bezel set with diamonds, it is a set of low-key and elegant in one of the best choice.

    Replica Hublot BigBang fruit series

    2011 Replica Hublot BigBang caviar style and attract the eyes of most people
    Born in 2011, the BigBang caviar series can be described as well-known door, from the BigBang millions of caviar watch unique signature design: a superb stealth mosaic skills will be embedded in the table, the diamond-like, shiny diamonds like roe Like each other exactly like a neatly arranged neatly, showing Kuangshi light. Caviar series in the continuation of the classic design of BigBang at the same time, using one of the best indicators of the material - Ceramics: 30% lighter than steel, 100% scratch, 100% anti-allergic, 100% strong rust, Design, cutting and chamfer grinding, so that it presents diamond-like quality, while leading the trend of fashion. With the popularity of black caviar, 2012, 2013 Yu-ship table were introduced with colored gemstones caviar fruit series with rose gold / stainless steel material rose gold caviar / sonorous caviar.

    Replica Hublot BigBang caviar style

    2011 Replica BigBang animal lines
    Hublot ladies watch contains Mr. fashion design and unlimited creative elements. Is tantamount to men's watches, ladies watch has a trend and novelty, but also show the tribute to the traditional watchmaking industry. Since the 2011 launch of the BigBang Leopard watch began, Yu-ship table will be greatly favored by the fashion industry animal lines to their own unique fusion design introduced to the watch design, followed by the introduction of the BigBang python pattern and BigBang zebra All without exception in the BigBang appearance in the animal grain dial and strap, bezel mosaic carefully with the various colored gemstones.

    Replica BigBang animal line

    2012 Replica Hublot BigBang Ferrari
    In November 2011, its new evolution from the 2005 BigBang landmark design, integration of new material - Yu-ship table world's first "magic gold", equipped with Yu-ship table independent research and development of UNICO movement, BigBang Ferrari doomed - - larger case (45.5 mm diameter), more dynamic and mechanical - this is BigBang since its release in 2005 after its first evolution.

    Replica Hublot BigBang Ferrari

    2013 Replica Hublot Big Bang Unico
    HUblot has introduced a new era of watchmaking materials, such as Kevlar fiber, carbon fiber, ceramics, titanium, etc., the concept of integration is also the first line: fusion tabulation traditions have been selected classic materials and new technologies Of the new material integration. The new alloy material through the hublot replica watches factory independent research and development, Wang Jin, magic gold, magic red ceramic is an anti-industrial production of materials used in traditional watchmaking, but by the watch industry pioneered the development of new materials, And then widely used in other industries. This technological development also enables designers and engineers to adopt new materials to imagine the revolutionary style possible. BigBang showcases the stunning design capabilities of Hublot, the perfect blend of innovative artistic "fusion art" with insightful artistic creativity, new materials and the combination of traditional Swiss watchmaking and 21st century technology.

    Replica Hublot Big Bang Unico

    BigBangUnico design and reputation of the BigBang series come down in one continuous line and a major optimization: with a more impressive 45.5 mm diameter case, highlighting the appearance of fashion machinery; bezel still Yu-ship table iconic 6 H-type locking screw, Design trendy, clever and more prominent technology (the top of each bolt is more distinctive, you can choose polished or matte finishing effect). Also worth mentioning is the new crown design. The new screw-in crown, wrapped in pressed natural rubber, features a classic H-shaped logo from the screw-shaped end. Since BigBang was born in 2005, the first round button. Each button is protected by a central push-button protector, such as engine piston lubrication. Clear edges and corners and Yu-ship table classic "sandwich structure" in the case design to be retained. At the same time strap accessories for a major optimization: the famous "one-click" switching function, so that the wearer can quickly switch between the various strap - each watch is equipped with the same as the new diamond-shaped natural rubber strap, And the entire dial seamless, complement each other. Hollow dial makes the precision UNICO column wheel chronograph movement clearly visible, at a glance, scale and Arabic numerals have been redesigned, the larger display hollow and night coating. Not only that, two small dial by the polishing ring surrounded by polished, which minutes the dial at 3 o'clock position, small seconds dial at 9 o'clock position, the calendar pane shows the same at 3 o'clock position. The pointer has been re-modified processing, two-stage facade night coating.

    Replica Hublot Big Bang Unico Exploded view

    UNICO name from "Unique", which has been the pursuit of the unique hublot has always been the same.Unity of the movement structure and can not adapt to today's trend and the rapid development speed, so hublot in the UNICO movement since the date of birth, has not stopped For this movement to explore and adjust. Today, the movement of parts has been reduced from the initial 394 to 330, the robustness of the movement greatly increased, which is the technical department, laboratory and after-sales service and other departments to work hard to achieve progress. Used in the BigBangUnico series of movement is the latest evolution of the UNICO movement. The vibrating frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 cycles / hour) and flawless machining ensure the high quality of this chronograph. In addition, including the cutting, gem installation, lubrication and numerous assembly steps to ensure that the automated production of quality stability and strict quality control. Power reserve of about 72 hours.

    Hublot Replica