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  • Hublot watches are known fusion advertised, platinum, gold, stainless steel, natural rubber and other classic materials and a perfect fusion of aluminum, titanium, carbon, zirconium, tungsten, magnesium, etc., of course, high-tech composite materials, such as zirconium and oxide ceramics, synthetic resins and other precious metal alloys. It is not thought of the periodic table? ? I think this is in accordance with the periodic table Hublot Replica Watches to material selection.
    Osmium, platinum group elements belonging to 10,000 tons of platinum ore only about 28 grams of osmium, the world's proven reserves of only 8 cubic meters, the annual output of only 30 kg, 10 kg of which have Hublot, the watch industry only because Hublot has purchased it's right, as the planet's most rare metal, osmium hard, 22.6 grams per cubic centimeter density makes nature densest and most heavy metal (heavy platinum, iridium, rhenium, etc.). Osmium dense crystal structure, very stable in the air, therefore, has a unique blue sheen osmium never faded. It is indeed valuable enough.

    Hublot Replica forging process of carbon fiber, using the principle of multi-layer carbon fiber components forging: This process requires the stacked multilayer carbon fiber (up to 12 layers) pressed into a mold and placed in a polymerization oven. There ceramic aluminum Hublot is a relatively new material, the surface by the micro-arc process, with strong hardness and corrosion resistance, and only half the weight of ordinary ceramics.

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